Ross never charges a fee for his show.  He has dedicated his volunteerism to sharing his talents to amaze, amuse and entertain local clubs, groups and organizations..
    Ross amazes and amuses his audience with his unusual ability to predict their actions, read their thoughts and subliminally persuade his subjects to do as he wishes. The  performance can be from 20 minutes to a full one hour show.   Each show is tailored to fit your needs.  Ross never charges for his performance.  There is no fee, tip, honorarium, or any other charge.   Ross has performed over 300 free shows for non-profit groups of all kinds.
    Mentalism is the art and skill of using ESP, Thought Projection, Precognition, Clairvoyance and Mind Reading to entertain through audience participation. Ross combines these elements to sustain a highly entertaining, funny and intelligent show.
    Audience participation is a foundation of the show and plays an essential role in its success. Audiences gasp and laugh as Ross projects his thoughts into a volunteer's mind, predicts what they will say or do, and reads their thoughts.

    Ross has relocated  to Venice, Florida..    Ross is now  accepting  bookings in the Venice and Sarasota  area

                         (941) 460 - 8873
Ross The Mentalist